Top Medical Courses without NEET: 

1. Bachelor’s in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Technology

2. Bachelor’s in TV Audiometric Technology

3. Bachelor’s in Optometry and Ophthalmic Technologies

4. Bachelor’s in Public Health

5. Bachelors in Audiology Speech-Language Therapy

6. Bachelors in Physician Assistantship Training

7. Bachelors in Prosthetics and Orthotics

8. Bachelors in Rehabilitation Therapy

9. BSc Anatomy

10. BSc Blood Banking Technology

11. BSc Blood Transfusion Technology

12. BSc Cardiac Technology

13. BSc Cardiovascular Technologies

14. BSc Dialysis Technologies

15. BSc Emergency and Critical Care Technologies

16. BSc Endoscopy and Gastrointestinal Imaging Technologies

17. BSc in Genetics

18. BSc in Medical Imaging Technology

19. BSc in Orthopedic Technology

20. BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

21. BSc Medical Microbiology

22. BSc Medical Records Science and Health Information Management

23. BSc Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Technologies

24. BSc Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technologies

25. BSc Paramedical Technology

26. BSc Perfusion Technology

27. BSc Physiology

28. BSc Radiology and Imaging Technology

29. BSc Radiotherapy Technology

30. BSc Respiratory Care Technology