GPF part final withdrawl Bills creation flow in:

(II)Temporary and Partfinal:


IFHRMS Application open -> Human Resources ->Advance->PF Application -PF Balance Upload 

Method: 2

Human resource -> advances->PF advance application-> Initiation entry->  3level pass->After Sanction entry->3 level pass


Finance level->payroll->generatebill->click non salary->and fill the below details-> click generate bill->after completion of monitor request->click view out put -> After Bills Click -> Arichive bill -> finalcial year select -> GO-> bill will display and click detail and forward-> the bill should verified in verifier and approver level


Finance approver level->select the bill status approved by ddo->bill display->click detail->forward to Treasury option shown in approver level and click forward to Treasury Treasury ref no will be generated and 

 forward to treasury